Ethos of Zion City Tabernacle

Zion City Tabernacle is built for the Presence of God.

It is the presence of God that makes the difference in people’s lives, that gives the strength needed to handle life and all of its challenges. At ZCT we want those who attend to be able to experience God’s Presence in our worship services, and prepare them to continue that experience also in every day life.

Zion City Tabernacle is built for Worship

As human beings we were created to worship. Not just to sing songs, and lift hands, but to have a true sense of fellowship and reverence for God At ZCT we won’t let routines, rituals and traditions get in the way of a Divine Encounter

Zion City Tabernacle is built for All

The Gospel of Jesus Christ was originally committed to one race. But it was never intended to remain that way. All people, all races, from all walks of life are those same ones for whom Jesus Christ gave his life. At ZCT we endeavour to push past all boundaries in order to embrace all who are willing to embrace the Lord Jesus Christ.