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Poetry At Zion City Tabernacle

Woman, it's time to arise!

Broken wounded Woman, it’s time to rise up and testify

Lift up your head and don’t you cry.

Don’t stay down, or too low to the ground

That’s Satan’s plan to keep you tied up and bound.

Sometimes you may ask the question why?

When flashbacks of the past cause you to break down and cry.

Fighting against negative feeling

No peace, no joy, no inner healing

Remembering times when you played dual role of Mother and Father

And the single role of Mother you’d rather.

Especially when you know that God intended Woman to be Woman, and Man to be Man

But by having no choice, you did the best any Woman on their own ever can.

Training your Sons on how to be Fathers and Men And praying that this generational curse will be broken again and again.

Did you know that it was Jesus who eradicated the curse, when he died on the cross at Calvary?

To reclaim the keys from the enemy, so that you and me can now be free.

It’s now a new season, and it’s now a new day

God wants to heal you broken Woman in a brand new way.

Did you know that you are beautiful, and did you know that you are loved?

Especially by your creator who is Jesus Christ above.

And do you know that it is only Jesus Christ who can make you whole

That is your mind, your body and your soul?

Just let him lead you to where you should be

Then you will know his plan for your new life, and your destiny.

“ Weeping may endure for a night, but joy cometh in the morning!”