Poetry At Zion City Tabernacle

The Silent Majority!

Hear my cry today oh Lord, please attend unto my prayer

I speak on behalf of the silent majority, dear Lord you know I care.

Here I am a willing vessel, ready and waiting to be used

Standing in the gap for people with no voice, that feel rejected or misused.

Many were longing to be seen and heard, but were often never given the chance

By the “Mighty GIANTS” that were too busy, to stop and see them at a glance.

Or someone used that powerful tongue, said words with no good construction

Struck people down like the Twin Towers, causing Mass Character destruction!

Now imprisoned behind that wall of silence, trapped like an imprisoned bird

Feeling insignificant, and not having the confidence just to say a single word.”

Psalm 34:6 says,

“This poor Man cried out and the Lord heard him, and saved him from all his sorrows”.

Janice Harvey Says.....

“Whoever you are, open your mouth and tell Jesus, don’t wait until tomorrow.

For Silence is no longer golden, time to break free from those shackles and chains

Then like me you will be free to speak, and help a dying soul to live again!”

Written by Janice Harvey ©2009