Poetry At Zion City Tabernacle

Peace and Love!

Perfect peace and true love, only comes from the Almighty God above

Our Creator, who after the flood, sent down his heavenly dove.

Why can’t mankind learn to live in peace and love with one another?

Respect each other regardless of colour, race, and even if he’s not our Brother

For it’s now black on black, everyone is now under serious attack

Maybe for the sake of feeding a habit, like some cocaine, ganja or crack.

Charged up high, hallucinating or psychotic, seems like demon possession

taking over the mind, that now a fix becomes an urgent and desperate obsession.

Now telling the mind wicked thoughts, and evil acts for that person to do

Like thieving, mugging or even killing, an innocent person or bystander in view.

Resulting sadly in another victim, and another Mother losing her precious young Son

Whose life was cut short by someone, who had quickly pulled the trigger on their gun.

Gun crime and gang warfare is now escalating today, with the youth and young black Men

arrested, thrown behind bars, not knowing, when they will ever be coming back out again.

“Where are some of the absent Fathers is the question I often ask each day?”

Baby Mothers bringing up children, with no male role model at home with them to stay.

“Our Father who art in Heaven, Hallowed be thy precious Holy Name Forgive the sins of the Fathers, teach them how to love their Sons, and have a relationship with them again. For thine is the kingdom, the power and the glory forever in Jesus Name!”

Written by Janice Harvey ©2009