Poetry At Zion City Tabernacle

The Beauty of Holiness!

Called unto holiness, is the standard that has been set

Oh give thanks unto the Lord, that this condition can now be met.

The dictionary meaning of holiness, is to be consecrated and without sin

Once upon a time this was impossible; this is where this true story now begins.

For we were all once sinners without hope, right from the beginning of time

When Adam and Eve disobeyed God, and caused that awful crime!

Once beautiful but now exposed, and shown to be ugly as sin

Like a piece of untreated gold, with no lustre but dark and dim.

Unclean unclean like lepers we were, that in bible days would scorn

That’s how we all were, until our Saviour Jesus Christ was born.

For God had to come down to earth, in the form of man

And his mission was to save us, and he had a redemptive plan.

For he was the one and only one, who was holy and without sin

Because we were now unworthy, and had to rely on him.

He had to be our sacrificial lamb, bleed and die for you and me

And from his resurrection old Satan lost, and Jesus gained the victory!

So we now have a hope of eternal life with our Saviour forever

Oh to see the King in his beauty, let us worship him down here together.

“Oh worship the King now in the beauty of holiness

And let us bow down in humbleness and lowliness.

The world says that as women, our beauty is only skin deep But God’s standard for beauty is holiness that is spiritual divine and steep. Having the very nature of Jesus Christ which is pure within and without

To be sparkling brightly like precious jewels without a shadow of doubt.

Janice Harvey Says . .......

Broken hearted woman, God wants to restore you to your former beauty Trust him, open your heart and let him in, you know it is your duty! Then he will change you, rearrange you, and make you whole That is your Mind, your Body and your Soul “.

This is Janice Harvey’s resurrection story.........

I give God thanks, and give him all the glory, for he too Will give you beauty for ashes, and the oil of joy for mourning And today will be a brighter day, and tomorrow a beautiful dawning!”

Written by Janice Harvey ©2006