Special Services At Zion City Tabernacle

Getting baptised, getting married, having a child and having or preparing funerals are key events in the lives of individuals and families. ZCT is here to give you advice, support and help add to the sense of occasion. The guides below will help.

Weddings at Zion

Getting married is one of the most significant events of a person’s life, and here at Zion City Tabernacle our desire is to help make sure that it is also one of the happiest. From the moment a date is set right up until the last guest leaves the church, it is our pleasure to provide what we hope will be a truly memorable occasion for all the right reasons. Contact us for more information.

Baptism at Zion

Baptism is a demonstration that you have left the old life of sin behind and have made a conscious decision to follow Christ. It is an act that is carried out by someone who is convicted of his or her sins and has repented. ‘Then Peter said unto them, repent and be baptised everyone of you in the Name of Jesus Christ for the remission of sins and he shall receive the gift of the Holy Ghost’ Acts 2:38 Every true believer is directed by the Bible to be baptised; it is essential in order to obey God. Jesus said in Mark 16:16 ‘He that believeth and is baptised shall be saved’ Once you are baptised you are then required to live a different kind of life. Your lifestyle must change to reflect the change in your status. You become a ‘Child of God’, you take on His Name and His characteristics. The old ‘person’ who has a sinful nature is changed. Your friends, relatives and colleagues should see the change in you. ‘Therefore we are buried with Him by baptism into death: that like as Christ was raised up from the dead by the glory of the Father, even so we also should walk in newness of life.’ Romans 6:4

How Will You Know That You Are Ready For Baptism?

When you:
  • have recognised that you are sinful
  • have repented of your sins
  • have made a decision to change from doing wrong
  • are able to publicly denounce sin and show your family and friends that you have made a conscious decision to follow Christ
  • are able to tell others why you have made the decision to be baptised

You Are Not Ready For Baptism If You:

Are doing this to follow friends or relatives Do not understand the significance of baptism and why you wish to be baptised Are not able to explain in simple words why you wish to be baptised.

Can You Get Counselling Before Making The Decision To Be Baptised?

We believe that baptism is such a major step in your life that some form of counselling and basic teaching is essential. Those who counsel you will not force you to be baptised; but help you to understand the meaning of repentance, salvation and baptism in order to assist you to make a conscious decision about this important step. What If You Are In A Difficult Circumstance, for example, Un-Married And In A Long-Term Relationship? Counselling is available to all potential candidates who consider themselves to be in difficult circumstances.

Next Steps

If after reading this you wish to be baptised please contact one of the Ministerial Team.

Child Dedication at Zion

Then were there brought unto him little children, that he should put his hands on them, and pray: and the disciples rebuked them. But Jesus said, Suffer little children, and forbid them not, to come unto me: for of such is the kingdom of heaven. And he laid his hands on them and departed thence’ St. Matthew 19: 13-15 The dedication of your child unto God is a very important milestone in your child’s life. At ZCT Infant Dedication is done as part of the normal worship service, and parents, and God parents get the opportunity to openly declare their commitment to bring up the child in the nurture as advised in Ephesians 6:4 ‘And, ye fathers, provoke not your children to wrath: but bring them up in the nurture and admonition of the Lord.’ Parents are also told in Proverbs 22:6 to: ‘Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it’ You do not have to be a member of ZCT to have your child dedicated here. However, parents are encouraged to bring their children to Sunday School, when they are old enough.

What Happens At The Dedication Service?

You and the child’s Godparents will be asked to bring your child to the altar. After a short talk, and a few simple questions, the officiating minister will anoint your child with olive oil before pronouncing a blessing on your child. If you are aware that your child is allergic to olive oil, you are required to notify the Minister prior to the dedication.

The Significance Of The Oil

In Biblical times oil was used as a symbol of the Holy Spirit. Today we use pure olive oil in a similar way. The Minister places a small amount of oil on the child’s forehead before prayer.

Certificate Of Dedication

After the dedication, you will be presented with a certificate of dedication. It contains information about yourselves, your child and your child’s Godparents.

Your Next Step

If after reading this you would like to discuss your child's dedication please contact one of the Ministerial Team.

Funerals At Zion

The church is here not only for the joyous moments but also for those that we as people find most challenging. Our church is available to host funeral services in a way that provides support to families, and preserving the dignity of loved ones that have passed away.