Carers Support

Welcome to our Zion City Tabernacle Carers Group!

The ZCT Carers Group has proven to be a good way for those with caring responsibilities, to share their experiences and to get emotional support from other people in a similar situation. Our group is welcoming and friendly, and has given carers a break from caring and provided them the opportunity to get help that is tailored towards their individual caring role as well as provide them the emotional support they often need.

Our carers group has met 11 times during the last 12 months with an average attendance of 10 people, predominantly from the local community. We have been running for 7 years and provide not only a warm and serene environment but also advice & guidance on what help is available; we also provide light hearted discussion on current affairs and of course the staple diet of tea and biscuits.

When & Where

Every 2nd Tuesday of the month starting at 6pm till 7.30pm.

We are keen for others to join our group as the responsibility of caring is growing and seems determined to reach us all. Therefore we are always reaching out to those who need support please feel free to drop in and see us here at ZCT carer’s group