Prison Ministies

Zion City Tabernacle Prison Ministry!

The Prison ministry has over the past year as been a blessing not just to the inmates but to those of us who support every month.

We have heard inmates testify how there life as turned around in prison, to the point they could see GODs hand in their incarceration.

Baptism has taken place also, to which we give GOD all the glory. However we still need to be better thus been more effective. Enabling us to do so is an initiative called the Welcome Directory this signposts released inmates to faith organisation’s on their release, with the aim of supporting them as they transition back into society.

Manley Gordon will be the spear head from ZCT as this is an area His expertise will come to the for. Manley is not the only faithful member of the team. Dave Law, Christian Darby, Mikey Gordon, Colin Orr and others have ministered powerfully over the past year with word, prayer testimony and song. There is always room for others to be Part of this ministry, it is truly rewarding.

We genuinely have a rapport with them and they look forward to our Ministry. GOD is using us each time we go to brinsford its awesome.

Ultimately the desire is to see more young men saved and less incarcerated. We have to get to them before the justice system does.

Pray that the Lord opens more doors for us to proclaim this life changing

Message to others and we would walk though them with boldness.

Your brother in Christ

Blanford Lorenzo Wright